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New born baby essentials

New born baby essentials

Congratulations! Preparing for the arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life We decided to make  new born baby  essentials of all the things you’ll need for when you bring the newest little angle into your home.
Diapering,feeding and bathing
Changing diapers is going to be a frequent task, so you’re going to need a lot of diapers and diapering items. Rashes can also be a common problem, so products to help deal with that will be a good idea as:


  • changing pad
  • wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Nappy rash cream
  • diaper pail
  • Diaper clothes
  • changing table


  • Breast pump
  •  cleaning brush for bottles
  • Bibs
  •  sterilizer for bottles
  • Bottles
  • Breast pads


  • Bathtub
  • toys for bath
  • Hooded towels
  • Facewashers
  • Shampoo and body wash

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